Create your own Mood Board using the Sarah Dickson Design Palette


  • To move items: Click on an item to move it around the mood board.
  • To layer items: Click on an item and select 'Send to back' or 'Bring to front' from the menu.
  • To delete an item: Click on an item and select 'Delete Item' from the menu.


Getting More from your Mood Board.


Don't stop there get others involved in your design process, here's how:


  • Print out your Mood Board: Select 'Print' from the menu to send  your selection to the printer.
  • Email your mood board to a friend: From the menu select 'Email Selection' to send to a friend and ask what they think of your chosen styles.
  • Get a Sample or Ask an Expert for FREE: From the menu select 'Request Sample' to contact the designer directly. We will call you to discuss your requirements.